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We have to change our attitudes. We believe that we are facing challenges, but which nation does not face challenges? Dr. Muhammad Faisal.

We have to change our attitudes. We believe that we are facing challenges, but which nation does not face challenges? Dr. Muhammad Faisal.

London – Press Release:

UK Business Pakistan Council organized a dinner in honor of Pakistani High Commissioner Dr. Muhammad Faisal at a Royal Nawaab London. Men and women belonging to the famous business community of London participated in the business Gala Dinner.

Chief Guest High Commissioner Dr. Muhammad Faisal addressing the participants at the event said, “I am very happy to meet you all and I am especially thankful to President Mr. Atta Haq and UK Pakistan Business Council and his team as well as all the participants. Also thank you to those who took time out of their busy lives to come here.”

In his key note speech The High Commissioner further said, “We have to change our attitudes. We believe that we are facing challenges, but which nation does not face challenges? Difficulties diminish our efforts and I expect you all to expect us to succeed. If you stay united here in Britain, you will succeed.”

Dr. Mohammad Faisal said, “Ambassadors come and go, but you people have to stay here, your unity, your success in your business will be considered the success of Pakistan. Your children will read and adapt this system, they will be successful and they will become the strength of Pakistan. If our people are strong here, then Pakistan will be strong.”

He further explained to the business diaspora that, “A lot of IT work is going on in Pakistan, I will invite you. Our Trade Minister Shafiq Sahib who is here has his entire team so in hardware Avon Microchips is doing a lot of work in Pakistan. I lived in Germany for three years before Britain, people may not know that Pakistan exports 50 million footballs every year.”

His Excellency said, “You guys have a lot of potential, we just have to ignore the negativity and move forward, your success is the measure. We stand with you and behind you. Elections are going to be held on February 8, God willing, soon after that we wish to have a high level exchange from here, UK to Pakistan and Pakistan to UK business delegation. Or those who are interested, we will take them along or bring a delegation from Pakistan, then we will meet you here.”

He said During the days of covid this zoom meeting and it was done a lot, now that problem is gone now there are bigger chances of physical interaction and we fully support it. Pakistan has so much potential for tourism. We do not get tour operators. Gilgit, Saif-ul-Muluk, Harappa, Mojojo-Dohoro are numerous tourist places which are open.

High Commissioner of Pakistan Dr. Mohammad Faisal said that when he started working on Kartapur, hefaced enormous difficulties and challenges. In this respect he expressed that “We are very emotional people. You have to try, you have to obey, you have to work hard, there are people against you, you have to fight them. May Allah make you successful, whenever you call me, I will surely sit among you.”

Speaking at the event, Atta Haq, President UK Business Pakistan Council, said that we founded our organization when the whole world was confined to their homes due to Corona. President UKPBC specially thanked Trade Minister Mr. Shafiq Shahzad at High Commission London and said that Trade Minister guided us when it was impossible to start any organization physically but he conducted webinars through online Zoom and organized online meetings. He said “We bring together the business community through our events online”.

Atta Haq further said that, “it is the policy of our UK Business Pakistan Council that we do not harbour any affiliations with any political party. For us, the sitting government or sitting prime minister will be our prime minister and government. Pakistan High Commission in London is our Mini Pakistan and being an Overseas Pakistani I understand, that is our Pakistan. And we wish to be guided by Pakistan High Commission and continue to serve Pakistan.”

Mr Haq said, “the manner in which High Commission Dr. Muhammad Faisal has started his local activities in Britain today, I can assure you that there are many community events here in Royal Nawaab where a large number of Pakistanis always gather. God willing, many different groups and organizations will welcome you.”

President UK Pakistan Business Council said, “Along with the UK Pakistan Business Council, our local community will also stand by your side. Our goal is the same, how to secure investment in Pakistan by ensuring investment in Pakistan.”
Atta Haq said, “I especially want to pay tribute to our Pakistan Army, that they have created a special investment platform for the business community. You will be able to successfully carry out the future plan related to work.”

He said, “Our UK Pakistan Business Council is a networking platform. We welcome all our members. We have a One Member One Business policy across the UK and Alhamdulillah over 500 businesses are onboard with us from across the UK from London, Brighton to Glasgow. We also need your suggestions and feedback on what your expectations are from our organization and that how can we sit here and serve Pakistan together with the government of Pakistan?

President UKPBC Atta Haq said, “To serve Pakistan you all have to walk side by side with us for which I request all business community people to come forward and join us because UK Pakistan Business Council is the best networking organization. Which is a platform to provide you and your business with the best opportunities to move forward.

Vice President UK Pakistan Business Tahseen Aslam, Vice President Naeem Tahir, Senior Board Members Barrister Anser Chaudhry, Mian Saleem and senior leader of the business community Syed Qamar Raza also addressed the event and appealed to the overseas business community to serve Pakistan together.

The speakers expressed their sentiments that the overseas Pakistani business community is very strong and if we work together unitedly, then surely we can solve our problems. It was acknowledged by all that whenever Pakistan needed help, the entire overseas community stood side by side with Pakistan and supported Pakistan and will always stand with Pakistan in the future.

At the beginning of the event, Senior Vice President UK Pakistan Business Council Syed Naseer Ahmed welcomed all the guests and performed the duties of the Stage Secretary. During his speech Syed Naseer Ahmed thanked the High Commission in London for their continuous abidance to the Council, in particular, the invaluable support and assistance rendered by the Minister of Trade & Investment throughout since the inception of UKPBC. He pledged that UKPBC will continue to work closely with the High Commission to promote and connect businesses at both ends here in UK and Pakistan.

The ceremony started with the recitation of the Holy Quran and the National Anthem of Pakistan

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