The personal data collected is used by UKPBC to give you information relating to its services, customer relationship management and to process and respond to queries received from the public or other relevant stakeholders, to contact you to seek your views or comments on various issues and to send marketing communications on behalf of UKPBC patrons and partners. The personal data held by UKPBC may also be used on an aggregate basis without any personal identifiers to provide third parties with information, such as membership arrangements, help us develop/improve member services, improve the features and content of the website or other marketing material.

If you or your parent business are a current member of UKPBC, opting out of promotional emails will not stop all communication from us. By becoming a UKPBC member, you are signing up to receive certain information related to the organisation. It is a constitutional requirement for us to send this information to you.

If you are not a UKPBC member, or if you or your parent business’s membership has lapsed, you can choose to opt in or out of further contact with us.