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Pakistan in the top five best markets in the world

LONDON (Special Representative) The Pakistan High Commission recently organized a Zoom Webinar entitled Investment Opportunities in Pakistan Capital Market in collaboration with the UK UK Pakistan Business Council and the Pakistan Stock Exchange. In which a large number of Pakistani business community from UK and Pakistan as well as from all over the world participated. Sahibzada Jahangir, Spokesperson to the Prime Minister of Pakistan for Trade and Investment, Farrukh Khan, CEO, Pakistan Stock Exchange, Shafiq Shehzad, Minister for Trade and Investment, Pakistan High Commission, London, Javed Malik, Chairman, UK Pakistan Business Council Security Usman Zahid Chief Executive AKD Group Badi-ud-Din Akbar CEO Central Depository Company of Pakistan Ahmed Chennai Board of Directors Pakistan Stock Exchange and President UK Pakistan Business Council Khurshid Barlas expressed their views and in Pakistan’s capital market. He highlighted the need to take full advantage of investment opportunities. Addressing the Zoom Session, Farrukh Khan, CEO, Pakistan Stock Exchange, said that this is a very important opportunity in which the overseas business community can invest in Pakistan’s capital market and the situation in Pakistan Capital Market is much better at present. Yes and it is getting better day by day so the overseas business community especially Pakistani businessmen should take full advantage of these opportunities. The Pakistan Stock Exchange is ready to provide all kinds of assistance to investors in this regard for investing in the capital market. Farrukh Khan, CEO, Pakistan Stock Exchange, also shared a presentation on behalf of the Pakistan Stock Exchange in the Zoom program and said that Pakistan’s market is very important not only in Asia but also in the world in terms of performance. He further said that if we look at the report of the international market, the market of Pakistan has achieved extraordinary growth. Farrukh Khan said that Pakistan’s market is considered as one of the top five best markets in the world and it is no less than a great honor for us and keeping this honor in mind, overseas investors got this confidence. That they can invest here without fear, relying on the Pakistani market. Farrukh Khan said that this is not the first time that Pakistan has received this award but for the last several years Pakistan has been among the top five countries in the world in terms of business. That is why investors come to Pakistan and not only reap the benefits by investing but also strengthen Pakistan’s market and economy. Speaking on the occasion, Badi-ud-Din Akbar, CEO, Central Depository Company of Pakistan, said that Roshan Digital Account is a great gift from the Government of Pakistan to overseas Pakistanis. Thanks to this account, the overseas community can now reap many benefits. Before that there were many obstacles and many problems but since the overseas community has been provided with the facility to open a bright digital account, the overseas community should take full advantage of this golden opportunity and through it Pakistan In any sector, especially when it comes to the Pakistan Capital Market, investing on a small scale or on a large scale, or so to speak, safe investment can be ensured. Explaining the details of Central Depository Company of Pakistan, Badi-ud-Din Akbar welcomed the overseas community so that they can take full advantage of the services of Central Depository along with other companies and benefit from better investment in Pakistan. Speaking on the occasion, Usman Zahid, Chief Executive, AKD Securities, said that Pakistan’s market is improving day by day and millions of people are joining it because Pakistan’s business community And the economy is moving in a positive direction. Leading businessman and Board of Directors of Pakistan Stock Exchange, addressing the online program, said that Pakistan’s market is growing very fast as they visit business all over the world. Take full advantage of the Pakistani community in India, especially in any sector. Ahmed Chennai said that Pakistan’s property market is also very profitable in which the Pakistani overseas community can reap many benefits by investing. Addressing the function, Zahid Latif Khan, Chairman, ZLK Securities, said that since then, the international market has been severely affected by Corona. He said that no matter where you go in the world, frustration is spreading in every sector of the world and it is increasing day by day. In these circumstances, Pakistan was very fortunate that the first wave of Corona did not affect Pakistan so much and it was soon overcome by the Pakistani government in which the Pakistani people fully cooperated with their government. Thanks to this, Pakistan’s markets are considered stronger and more secure than those of other countries. That is why after the Corona wave, business resumed in our country. “We are thankful to God that our economy has survived the worst,” he said. Zahid Latif further said that all the wrong things being said about Pakistan in the international markets proved to be wrong and baseless. He said that after the early conquest of Corona, the resumption of business routine has greatly improved the situation in all markets, in all businesses and in the economy, making Pakistan’s market one of the top five markets in the world. Is . Zahid Latif Khan said that Pakistan’s exports have increased tremendously and it is increasing day by day. In addition, the flow of currency from foreign countries to Pakistan has also increased significantly. Zahid Latif Khan said that in the context of this Code 19, if any market in Pakistan is cement or any other market, you will see that all our businesses and sectors have made great progress. In view of this success, overseas investors must take advantage of the golden investment opportunities available in Pakistan. Addressing the event, Shafiq Shehzad, Minister for Trade and Investment, Pakistan High Commission, London, thanked the UK Pakistan Business Council for its investment in Pakistan and for enhancing business links and cooperation with each other. Appreciate the Council’s outstanding efforts. Shafiq Shehzad also said that this is a very important online program. At this time, not only Pakistan but also the overseas businessmen and the overseas Pakistani business community are in dire need of it. He said that the manner in which the investment details were presented at the event, I believe that in the near future many overseas Pakistanis would play an important role in ensuring investment in Pakistan’s capital market or other sectors. Minister for Trade and Investment Shafiq Shehzad suggested to the Pakistan Stock Exchange that you should take advantage of the opportunities you introduce in investing in such programs to the Pakistan High Commission or Pakistan’s embassies not only in the UK but also in the world. Share with their commercial departments wherever they are so that they can play an important role in ensuring investment for Pakistan by introducing them to the Pakistani business community or in the international market. Chairman Pakistan UK Business Council Javed Malik in his address thanked all the speakers and the business community who participated in this online program and welcomed them to join the UK Pakistan Business Council. And make the most of business programs. Javed Malik said that although we live in overseas but our heart beats with Pakistan. He said that whether it is an investment for Pakistan or any other opportunity, the UK Pakistan Business Council will always strive to provide its services as much as possible and continue to strive for Pakistan to be on the path of development. The UK-Pakistan Business Council is continuing its efforts in this regard and will continue to do so in the future. At the end of the ceremony, the Prime Minister’s Spokesperson for Trade and Investment for UK and Europe, Sahibzada Jahangir, said that this is a very important program and we would like to see that such programs and business opportunities being introduced in the UK. At the same time, it should be shared with businessmen all over the world and thus useful information should be provided to them in this regard. Sahibzada Jahangir said that very important information has been given in this program. He said that Pakistan Stock Exchange is doing very well. Sahibzada Jahangir said that the overseas business community should reap the full benefits by investing in Pakistan Stock Exchange, Capital Market, Property or other existing business sectors. Sahibzada Jahangir said that there is no doubt that we have very few resources in Pakistan but to increase these resources if the overseas community cooperates with Pakistani businessmen it will not only improve Pakistan but also the capital. Doing business will also prove to be an excellent and profitable business for them which they will also take full advantage of. Sahibzada Jahangir said that one of our great achievements was that last year Andrew Forest, who is the richest businessman in Australia and has a place in the world in terms of investment, visited Pakistan and in Pakistan. Expressed great satisfaction with the investment opportunities. He said that in the same way we take international businessmen to Pakistan and there are such plans in future and we should all improve the economy of Pakistan by providing maximum opportunities to the international market in Pakistan. ۔ Finally, thanks to all the speakers, Khursheed Barlas, President, UK Pakistan Business Council, Pakistan Chapter, assured us that such important programs would be held in the future as well. The event was hosted by A. Haq General Secretary who also thanked all the speakers and those present at the event.
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