Where appropriate and only for the legitimate business needs of UKPBC and its members, UKPBC may provide links to third-party web sites, or advertisements which contain links to third-party sites. These links are provided as a service to website users. The linked third-party websites are operated by independent entities that have their own privacy policies. This Privacy Policy does not apply to other websites or to the use that those entities make of your information. UKPBC has no control over the content displayed on such sites, nor over the measures, if any, that are taken by such sites to protect the privacy of your information. UKPBC’s website may also serve third party advertisements, or other content that contains their own cookies or tracking technologies. UKPBC does not control the use of those technologies.


UKPBC is a membership organisation and for its legitimate business interests, must maintain contact information on its members and the wider business community to communicate information on membership, events, training courses, policy and research, trade and any other UKPBC services. UKPBC also sends marketing material promoting its events, training courses, membership services, business services, policy and research work and other relevant offerings. From time to time, UKPBC collaborates with other relevant organisations and businesses to conduct surveys and promote other programmes that may be of interest to members and the wider business community. In such cases, UKPBC does not provide these organisations with any personally identifiable information but may distribute the organisation’s information on their behalf to those who may legitimately be benefiting from receiving such information or have elected to receive such information. If you do not wish to receive marketing material, you may opt out. Every marketing e-mail will include an ‘unsubscribe’ link. You may also notify UKPBC in writing as set out below. If your parent business has nominated you as a relevant contact required to receive information on its behalf, you cannot opt out of important information UKPBC is required to provide you as per UKPBC’s contractual obligations to its members.

Third Party Marketing and Surveying Tools

We may use third party provided tools to manage our services and interactions with you. Personal email data may be stored by such programmes and applications. This data will not be shared with any other organisations.